TREAT Multifamily Software


Use the best tools and audit with confidence. TREAT is market tested for over a decade with thousands of active users enjoying accurate results. DOE-approved for all residential building types including multifamily. So audit with confidence with TREAT and show clients how your work will pay for itself with significant energy savings!

* Winner of R&D Magazine’s prestigious R&D 100 Award.
Each TREAT license is eligible for one year of technical support and TREAT software upgrades.

Licenses must be renewed each year to be eligible for support and upgrades, additional fees apply for licenses not upgraded within 2 years.




Arm yourself with the tools you need to perform investment-grade energy audits and prioritize energy efficiency retrofits on lucrative multifamily and small commercial buildings.


Establish sustainable independence from ARRA funding with big savings on award-winning TREAT. You’ll be booking more multifamily weatherization retrofits before you know it!


Expand your business into the profitable multifamily market and benefit from more work in fewer locations. Audit with confidence and selling more lucrative jobs.







Enjoy the benefits of TREAT Multifamily:

  • Sell more lucrative multifamily jobs
  • All residential building types plus small commercial
  • Audit with confidence
  • Show how your work will pay for itself
  • Aggregate improvements into packages
  • Compare improvement packages
  • Used in programs from coast to coast
  • Define improvements from onboard libraries
  • 25E compliant